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Empties 4 Cash - Which Cartridges

Now accepting unused inkjet cartridges.

Good News! We are now accepting full unused inkjet cartridges as well as empties.  If you have changed printers and have left over full cartridges or possibly expired cartridges they can be shipped with your empty cartridges.

Which Inkjets: We can ONLY accept full, unused inkjet cartridges that are originals - we cannot accept any that are generic or remanufactured. We can accept most models of full inkjets.

Payment: Full Print head cartridges - We will pay a minimum of $2 each for most cartridges that have print heads as part of the cartridge. If you see your print head model on our empty cartridge price list then we will pay that empty cartridge price PLUS $2. If you don't see your print head model on our empty cartridge price list then we will still pay $2 for most models with some *exceptions.

*Full inkjet exceptions: Check with Judy (800) 456-4320 - judy@empties4cash.com with specific questions.

Full non-print head ink tanks:  We can now pay $1.00 each for most full unused ink tanks. Contact Judy (800) 456-4320 - judy@empties4cash.com to see if your models qualify.

Shipping: Full cartridges can be included with your shipment of empties. Please leave them in their packaging and put some paper or plastic between the full and empties so the full ones don't get all inky.

Contact judy@empties4cash.com - (800) 456-4320 if you have any questions. Thank you.

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