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Empties 4 Cash - Testimonials
"You and your staff are so wonderful to work with. Everyone is very helpful and supportive. We have been approached a number of times to try other recyclers - I don't even think about it - I just tell them we are very happy where we are."
Clear Lake, MN
"How nice to receive your note and phone call! We had been using another recycling company who has not been able to reimburse our school for 6 months, and I finally got fed up. Your company was referred to me by my synagogue! I have already let all four schools in our district know about you, and hopefully their PTA reps will be signing up soon."
Northbrook, IL
"I am all for fund-raisers that are easy...And Empties4Cash is easy!!! And you just keep making things easier. I just went online and scheduled a FEDX pickup. Enter a little data and a click or two and it is done. WOW! THANKS for a great fund-raiser."
Georgetown, KY
"I love working with all of you at Empties4cash. Everyone is so helpful, kind, and grateful. I think you are a wonderful group of people and I am so thankful that we have a great partnership. You can count on me to be a loyal customer for many years to come. I still need to raise about $4 million to buy 4 houses here in Tahoe so I'm in this for the long haul."
Tahoe City, CA
"My experience with empties4cash has been great. I can't think of a better way to raise money for a worthy cause. Payment is faster than I ever dreamed it would be. Keep up the good work!!!"
Mason, OH
"I am very impressed with the time it takes to receive a payment. With other companies I work with, there is a long time between the time I send the cartridges to the receiving of the payment. Lastly, I am impressed with the communication taking place. No other company is as concerned that I receive my payment." Thank you!
Oconto Falls, WI
"Empties for Cash is the easiest ink jet recycling program I have come across. You make it simple for our school to raise much needed funds for important programs that might otherwise be cut. Your kind emails, phone calls, and support through posters, boxes, and shipping labels is why we will continue to work with Empties for Cash."
Roseburg, OR
"Our school was very excited when we received your fax on your recycling program. We visited your web site and signed our school up. While on your web site I found a sample letter to send to our parents. Within a few days of signing up, we received our starter kit and within 2 weeks of sending our letter home to the parents, we had a parent donate two boxes of ink cartridges. I called and notified you that we had a full box and within 2 days we received the FedEx labels. We received the check from you just after a few days of sending out the box. This is such an easy fundraiser for our school."
Fontana, CA
"New to the program - found it very user friendly. Staff support-professional + eager to help you as a customer & find success in their recycling efforts. Will spread the word about this great opportunity - it's a win-win adventure."
Fountain Valley, CA
"When I first started collecting ink jet cartridges for recycling, I was going through a local club to obtain cash in exchange for our Physical Education program. Then I discovered empties4cash and developed a relationship with them that has reaped more rewards for the cartridges that I send to them. My students benefit greatly from the new equipment that I can buy for them because of this program."
Mr. Duncan
Bakersfield, CA
"I am in charge of recycling printer cartridges at our school. I started with another company and I would send the cartridges to them, but it would take months before I received a check, if I received one at all. I received information about empties4cash and decided to try them. I was happy to find that the company kept in constant contact with me through phone calls or emails, sent out free boxes and labels and even called FedEx to pick up my cartridges. They also informed me when they received the shipment and they immediately sent out my check. They were quick and efficient and I'm happy I made the switch. They have made recycling very easy for me, especially in my busy day. Thank you empties4cash, especially Yee, for the excellent service."
Mullins, SC
"Everyone at D.C. Cannon is very excited about this program. We have a huge banner displayed in our cafeteria to promote it. We have also placed an ad in the local newspaper and every month we have an ad in our school newsletter. Every time we have a staff meeting our principal ask me how we are doing and to announce how much money we have raised. We now have our whole community involved in the program. I have even received calls about how to get into this program. It is just a good idea all around."
Quinlan, TX
"I just wanted to say----I can't believe how easy this is!!!!! Amazing! We have received close to $200 for garbage--stuff people would normally just toss in the trash."
Ligonier, PA
"Thank you so much. This program is EXCELLENT!!! My cub scouts are excited, their parents are excited. It not only earns money for our pack it helps the environment. What an awesome program....thank you so much."
Lapel, IN
"I received the first payment in yesterday's mail! How awesome, you have a great turn around! I am extremely happy with your company! I soooo look forward to doing business with you!"
Greencastle, IN
"I just wanted to thank you for the great service your company provides. You make it easy to recycle! Your communication and promptness are commendable. I just wanted you to know that we appreciate you and your company."
Monument, CO
"I've worked with you for a couple of years now - maybe 3? And I wanted to let you know YOU are the greatest. Your buy-back prices have been fair, you even raised them. Wanted to let you know, you have been dependable and reliable; there are LOTS of other companies/groups that are NOT!"
Woodbridge, VA
"I am very happy doing business with you. It's been about five years now and I've never been more pleased. The new baggie program is a HUGH success and makes it so much easier to deal with. Thank you for having such a wonderful recycling program."
West Yarmouth, MA
"We are going to be at an event where we will be showing what wonderful Mission/Outreach projects that we've been able to do with the money from recycling inkjet cartridges. We've bought bicycles for Pastors in Africa, bought fleece material to make hats for a homeless shelter, gave our Ministerial Association a check to help them provide turkeys and hams at Christmas to families in our community who would have gone without, and for the past 2 years have bought the students at the Head Start program in our area, all the school supply's PLUS backpacks that they need to have when starting kindergarten in the fall. These all were made possible with "recycled" funds. We're two small rural churches, and this program goes to show you what can happen when we all join together for a worthwhile cause."
Richmond, OH
"I just want to say how impressed I have been with your company. You have been wonderful to work with and this is such an easy way for our school to raise needed funds. Hopefully, next school year the awareness of this program will continue to grow and we can do even more business with you." Thank You!
Greenville, SC
"Thank you so much for finding my order. Your staff was very fast in helping me find out what happened to my shipment and they were very polite and professional. They let me know as soon as they found out and was very committed in helping me in any way they could." Thank You!
Oneida, TN
"This has really been a help to our group, the Lord Bless your Company for such a great idea and the support you give to Churches, Schools and other Groups." Thank You so much!!!!!!!
Jonesboro, AR
"I really enjoy being able to check online, and your speed is amazing! Thanks for making it so easy! The other service we were using took forever and paid very little. We are passing the word around the area about you!"
Killeen, TX
"I have been with you for almost 3 years and your service has been excellent, even when I had a problem it was handled in a very courteous and promptly by your staff. Thank you and keep up the good work."
Green Bay, WI
"Thank-you so very much for helping us raise money the easy way. This is only our second year with the empties4cash project and we have already raised $500! Thank you again."
Oak Island, NC
"Thank you for the info. I am very happy we switched companies. I love your interface. Very customer friendly. Again, thank you."
Pensacola, FL
"I don't have any suggestions but thought this might be a good time to just say that we appreciate being a part of the fund raising program. We were able to send our Youth Group to Missouri this summer thanks in part to the funds we have raised through this program. Thank you for helping make this possible."
Farmington, MN
"Thanks for your GREAT program - it's TOTALLY trouble-free!"
Woodbridge, VA
"I think your company is FANTASTIC! Nothing could be easier, the customer service is *awesome*, my only wish is that you guys took laser jet cartridges too because I can't find another company to work with for those that's half as great as you! Thank you!!"
Fallbrook Pop Warner
"You have done a great job with the changes to the site and your program system. Thank You for making it easier for all of us to work with you!"
Crest Hill, IL
"Thank you very much for all the wonderful support, help and advise you have given me in my quest for my Eagle Scout badge. Through your help, I have been able to raise almost $630.00 in just a few short months. This money will go toward buying toys and games for sick children in the hospital. I know that they will appreciate it very much, and hopefully it will make their lives a little bit happier and their illness a little bit easier to bear. I certainly think that almost any organization could benefit from your help."
Horsham, PA
"Thanks for your graciousness and wonderful spirit of cooperation and help. We do love your company. You are very good to us!"
Tahoe City, CA
"Your company was fast and efficient!!!!! and the money is worth collecting the cartridges and the work!!!!! You do a wonderful inventory, and have a fantastic customer relations program! When I e-mail with questions, you answer fast and you are just plain nice!!! More cartridges are being saved!!!!!! We are getting the word out more and more!!!! This is the first time a Post-Prom Committee tried a fundraiser, and hopefully it will help us out!!! We have 180 students in the Jr. class alone to take care of, and a Post-Prom of an estimated 350 to 400 kids. As I and a lot of other adults don't have the time, nor do we like bake sales, car washes, etc.... It is so nice to ask people for something they just throw out, and not for money!!!! Everyone from Factories to businesses to individuals that we have asked has been so positive and helpful!!!! Weekly we think of more businesses and individuals to ask to spread the word! That's what makes it fun!!!!"
Bryan, OH
"I think your program is GREAT! I really like your sending all the instructions, promotional information, and especially, the boxes for shipment. Then, your promptness in getting our check to us is EXCELLENT! Our people are responding very well."
Chickamauga, GA
"I think this recycling program is wonderful. I am a cheerleading coach for a high school and we have been using this program to raise funds. It's easy and the checks come fast."
Newport, PA
"You pay better rebate amounts than other companies I have worked with, and the time in which you send the checks is the fastest I have seen. I hope to continue working with your company."
Abbott, TX
"I think this program is great! With minimal effort on my part, the church has earned $328. While this may not seem like much, every little bit helps when you are a non-profit organization trying to make ends meet. Thank you for this opportunity. I have also signed up for www.inksmile.com and will be spreading the word about this as well. I took a look at the website and the prices are very good."
Milford, CT
"Our congregation members are pleased to have a place to recycle their empty ink cartridges. Some are so excited about the program that they requested posters for their offices and are collecting them for our church. You have a great recycle program and we are very happy to be a part of it. Thank you!"
Naples, FL
"Our experience with you has been very positive. In fact I have referred your company to several other churches and schools in our area. It has been a pleasure working with your company and we are also using your refilled cartridges. We look forward to a long relationship."
Sterling Heights, MI
"With your help last year I was able to purchase a projector screen for the computer lab. 24 stereo with microphone head gear for the students and 24 mouse pads. All that we needed and that was not in our school budget. Thanks so much. I like your new website and the new posters and newsletters that I just have to fill in and print out. Our newsletter goes out next week and the poster will be included."
West Yarmouth, MA
"We are a small school with about 300 students in a small town. In the 3 months since we signed up (October 2002), we have collected and sent in about 220 cartridges in 2 shipments. All cartridges have been paid for, except for only one that didn't have a print head. We have sent out newsletters to our students and parents, and also published stories about this program in our local newspaper. The whole community is very supportive about this program. People bring in empties from both their homes and businesses. We are very happy about the Empties4Cash program. They have made it so easy and smooth, free boxes, free posters, free shipping labels, toll free support and a helpful web site."
Burns, OR
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