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Who can participate in this program?
-Anyone can sign up to recycle to raise funds. Everyone has a need for funds - whether it is a charity or an individual.
Do you recycle anything else?
-We also recycle the following models of printers: Epson 1400, R260, R280, R800, R1800, R1900, R2000, R2400, R2880. We do not recycle other printers. Printers can be new or used and do not need to be in working order. Pack securely in a box and use our shipping label to ship. Keep your shipper receipt from the label to track it with FedEx and your check will be mailed within about a week once we get the printer. For more info, click here.
Do you accept unused or unopened cartridges and how much do you pay for them?
-We can accept most models of new/unopened cartridges and ink tanks and ONLY if they are original - we cannot accept any that are generic or remanufactured. We pay $1 each for most full ink tanks and a minimum of $2 each for most full inkjet cartridges. Click on the orange "unopened" cartridge link on our empties4cash.com web site for payment details.
Is there any special requirement for packing?
-No, just make sure that they are packed tightly so they can't move and hit against each other because damaged cartridges can not be remanufactured and do not qualify for payment. Cartridges can be left in their boxes or plastic bags or wrapped in newspaper. Fill empty space with newspaper or other packing material.
Do we have to include a packing list with the shipment?
-No, we will do the sorting and counting for you. You can see a detailed shipment report by logging into your account, by using your email address and password. Click on "Box Shipments" link - then on shipment number itself status will be "received" for 2 weeks -then it will change to "paid" when we mail your check. You are more than welcome to include a packing list. It would help us more and we can confirm the shipment count, but it is not required.
How can I tell if it is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?
-When HP, Lexmark, Canon, etc. first make the cartridge, they put their name on it. If it is generic or remanufactured it might say "compatible" or "replaces" or might only have a model number. It might have the name of a company that remanufactured it but it won't be a name you recognize as a major printer company.
If I don't see them on your list can I send them anyway so you can recycle them?
-If you collect from a group and have a large quantity to send then to make it easy you may send all inkjets without sorting or listing them. If you have a small quantity please send only models we pay for or contact judy for guidance.
How do I log in?
Click on the green "login" link at top right corner of home page and enther entire email address and password. If email has changed contact us to enter a new one. If you forget your password you can ask the click on the forgot password to send your password to your email - or contact us to set a new one.
Can I send my cartridges from another country?
Sorry but we can only operate in the USA - we cannot take cartridges from other countries.

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