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Empties 4 Cash -  About E4C
Empties4Cash offers an extraordinary fundraising opportunity for anyone in the United States with our recycling program. We started our recycling and fundraising services in late 2002. Since then, we have been able to recycle more than 3 million cartridges with the help of our members - schools, churches, individuals, non-profit organizations and more.
In return for recycling used printer cartridges, we will pay up to $4.00 for each inkjet, provide free supplies and free shipping. There is no cost to participate. That is just one aspect of our great program; the other is our excellent customer care service. Empties4Cash is dedicated to providing our members with the best customer support. Our members are important to us and we will make improvements to our program to meet the needs of our members as best we can.
At Empties4Cash, service and efficiency are our focus. Our staff truly cares about the goals and causes that our members take on. We will listen to any concerns you may have and advise accordingly. We believe that the best relationships are built when you find someone you can rely on.
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