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Empties 4 Cash - Quick Tips

E4C Spread the word. Let friends, family and nearby businesses know of your
recycling and fundraising efforts.

E4C Place collection boxes and posters at convenient, visible locations.
E4C Give small incentives.
Make it fun
Use contests within your organization or competitions between groups to push the program.
Make it rewarding
Reward individuals and groups with extra credit, treats or perks to motivate them.
Make them aware
Recycle, reuse and reduce. Stress the importance of the program for the environment and help reduce millions of pounds of landfill.
E4C Make constant reminders or announcements to those helping you.
The key to success of this program is to broaden your range of collection. Enlist help from others remember if people do not see or hear about your recycling and fundraising efforts, they will not remember - Out of sight, out of mind.
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