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Now taking these Epson printers.

We are currently accepting these Epson printer models. The amount to the right is how much we are paying for them. Prices subject to change, we do not recycle other printers. Printers should be complete with inside parts but do not need to be in working order. Pack securely in a box and use our shipping label to ship. Keep your shipper receipt from the label to track it with FedEx and your check will be mailed within about a week once we get the printer. Please make sure the information (payee, mailing address, etc.) in your account is correct before sending the printer.

Epson R800 - $25
Epson R1800 - $100
Epson R1900 - $100
Epson R2000 - $100
Epson R2400 - $100
Epson R2880 - $100
Epson R260 $5
Epson R280 $5
Epson 1400 $5

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