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Emptie 4 Cash - Monthly Drawing
Each month Empties4Cash will randomly choose 3 box shipments of inkjets throughout the month and double their shipment values. The shipment value will be doubled on the spot and the winners will be notified right away. The winners will be posted in our monthly newsletter the following month. Please note baggies shipments do not qualify for the drawing.

Drawing winners for the month of April 2008

Freedom 7 Elementary School, FL
E4C member since: 2004
Shipment Value: $38.73   Total Paid: $77.46

Little Forest Playschool, NM
E4C member since: 2004

Shipment Value: $11.65   Total Paid: $23.30

Watkins Heating & Air, Inc., OK
E4C member since: 2008

Shipment Value: $34.00   Total Paid: $68.00

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