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West KY Mentoring Inc. (Murray, KY)

West KY Mentoring Inc. is a located in a small west Kentucky town. We provided one to one mentors for children ages 5 to 13 in our schools and community. Having a mentor is known to help children improve relationships with adults and peers, achieve higher grades in social studies, math and languages, and develop more positive attitude toward school. Children with mentors are less likely to use drugs, start drinking, skip school, and use violence. What makes BBBS different from other mentoring programs is that we carefully screen volunteers through interviews, 2 background checks, and references; monitor every match, and measure satisfaction and growth in our programs annually. Children come into the program through a referral process and parent enrollment. The only criteria is that the child has a social or academic need. We are a 501c3 non-profit United Way agency that relies on yearly donations to continue our service.

WKYM: “Helping children develop higher personal goals, avoid risky behavior, and enjoy academic success while becoming persons of upstanding character.”

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